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While IRCnet has not been offering nickname or channel registration services since 1994, there exists a special connection class called a “Service”, which can be queried using the “/SQUERY” command. The only currently active service is called Alis and serves as a replacement for the old and unflexible “/LIST”.

If your IRC client does not support the SQUERY command, you can manually submit a request to Alis (or other services, should there be any in the future) by using /quote SQUERY Alis :your command here

Please note that in this case the :-sign after the Service name is important, otherwise it won’t work and you will get the following error message or something similar instead:

-Alis( You didn't specify a channel mask.
-Alis( Your query contains 1 errors. Use /SQUERY Alis HELP LIST


Alis is a channel listing service. Unlike /LIST, Alis supports searching for channels that match certain criteria, like a mask (#*irc* lists all channel where the name contains irc) or by the number of people (-min 60 lists only channels with more than 60 people inside)

The alis help text is quite descriptive:

/SQUERY Alis LIST mask [-options]
Searches for a channel
  mask               channels to search for, * and ? wildcards accepted
   -min x            minimum users on a channel
   -max x            maximum users on a channel
   -m mode           check against channel mode
    +tn means channel has tn set
    -im means channel has im unset
    =tn means channel is exactly +tn nothing more and nothing less
   -mode mode        same as above
   -t string         topic of the channel shall contain string
   -topic string     same as above
   -s [m][t]         show modes (m) and who set the topic (t)
   -show [m][t]      same as above

LIST Examples:

/SQUERY Alis LIST #foo* -min 10 -mode =tn
Lists all channels who contain foo (,#foo,...)
if the mode is exactly = tn.

/SQUERY Alis LIST * -min 10 -t http
Lists all channels who contain http as word in the topic.
Examples: "","http is cool","my httpd crashed"

/SQUERY Alis LIST * -min 10 -t http -show mt
Like above, but it will show the modes of the channel
and the nick who set the topic.