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2014 Update

Posted on 2014-11-20 by ente

Several things happened this year:

  • The open server delinked

  • The xs4all servers and webchat delinked.

  •, an open server in canada, linked

  • America has its own hub now.

While it’s sad to see xs4all and choopa leave us, I’m happy to see there have been improvements to the US part of the network so in case there’s another split between europe and the US, the US part of the network should also be stable.

What have you been doing?

What do you want this site to be? Do you think resurrecting the IRCnet forum would be a good idea? Let us know!

Further links

Posted on 2013-12-30 by ente

In addition to this site, we now also have a twitter account at

The git repository with the markdown source of this website can be found on

Please note that this site is work in progress and will change in near future. If you want to be part of how it is going to look, feel free to join us on IRCnet on the channel #ircnet.


Welcome to the new

Posted on 2013-05-31 by ente

Hello and welcome to the new

This is a semi-official IRCnet site like so many others, only that this one is intended to replace the long dead